Get the most out of tooth whitening with power whitening! New breakthroughs in light-activated whitening gels and high-intensity lights make it easy to have a whiter, brighter smile. Power whitening safely and effectively bleaches away stains and discolored areas. Patients are seeing fantastic results right here in our office.

Power whitening works by shining a special light onto your teeth after they have been coated with the whitening gel. Once each tooth has been treated, we rinse away the gel. We may repeat this cycle several times and then carefully evaluate the results. To safeguard your gums, we apply a protective material to the gum tissue. Your new smile will lighten about an average six to ten shades.

We sometimes recommend additional bleaching at home or another session at Dental Dimensions. You’ll leave the office with instructions for taking care of your new smile and handling any post-whitening sensitivity.