“I need a denture. What are my options?”

You actually have several choices for replacing most or all of your teeth.

When all the teeth are missing or must be removed, we can replace them with a conventional denture.

If some of your teeth can be saved, we may recommend that you wear an overdenture. The reason for this is because an overdenture helps preserve bone in the jaw. While a conventional denture functions well at first, the jawbone gradually shrinks when all the teeth in an arch are absent. Remaining natural teeth hold the overdenture in place, giving it more security than a conventional denture.

Implants are another option for holding dentures securely in your mouth. Implants are small metal posts that replace the roots of missing teeth so they can maintain the health and shape of the jawbone. A denture secured with implants can be removed when necessary.

Whichever type of custom-made false teeth you choose, developments in technology allow today’s dentures to appear more natural and fit more comfortably. Without treatment, the jawbone will continue to shrink, making future treatment more complicated.