When a tooth has decayed and developed a cavity, we’ll remove the decay and place a filling or other restoration. Fillings are an important treatment that inhibit further decay.

Since the discovery of dental-safe porcelain and composite resin, white fillings have afforded a natural-looking alternative to metal fillings. Unlike metal fillings, white fillings can be custom-colored to match your teeth. They don’t darken or crack with age, as silver fillings are known to do. They are immune to moisture and temperature changes, as well as to expansion and contraction.

White fillings also allow you to keep more of your natural tooth. The filling is bonded directly to the affected tooth, and the bonding agent anchors the material tightly in place. We don’t have to remove as much tooth structure as with a metal filling.

Dental Dimensions will always recommend a filling or other restoration that is best for you based on what is the healthiest for your teeth, mouth, and the appearance of your smile.